Cotton saris are the best option for summers and those occasions where you just want your sari to stay in place and not move. There is something that is absolutely elegant about the way a cotton sari drapes and sits on a woman’s curves.

One of the best options for cotton is Mangalagiri cotton. This handspun cotton comes from the town of Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh, and is a part of the handicrafts of the state. The fabric is handwoven, and then dyed.

My favourite part is the fact that silver and gold zaris are woven into the fabric as borders which gives a very royal feel. Now I know Mangalagiri saris look very traditional, but hey don’t worry. Here are some options to give a more contemporary feel to this ethnic wear.

  • Opt for a floral print blouse. Stich it with a boat neck and make sure that one of the colours on the blouse matches the colour of the sari. Like for a pink sari, opt for a blouse that has pink, red and purple flowers.
  • Go for a mandarin collar blouse with three fourth sleeves in a matching colour but get a piping done all along the collar and the sleeves in a contrast colour. So if the sari is pink, opt for a piping in green.
  • Get a blouse stitched in brocade material that is in a contrast colour to the body of the sari. Add some more texture to the entire look by wearing a pair of statement earrings and some filigree work kadas.
  • If you are feeling really experimental, then try a faux leather crop top in black with a multicoloured sari. For a slightly more grunge feel, define your eyes with kajal and add a choker. You will definitely make heads turn with this look.

There you go, ways to style a beautiful traditional cotton sari in a more contemporary way and thus making it less boring. So go ahead. Invest in a mangalagiri cotton sari, support the handicrafts and be a small part of our much larger cultural history.

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