20161122_200409Devotees know it as the “City of thousand Temples” and ethnic wear lovers know it as the “Silk city”. For others, it is the city of Kanchipuram that we are taking about :).

The city is known by many other names like Kanchi, Kanjivaram, Kanjeevaram and Conjevaram. Any visit to Kanchi is incomplete without paying a visit to Kanchi Kaamaakshi and Ekambereswarar temples and of course without buying a Kanchi saree :). In fact, most people visit Kanchi for either shopping or for devotional affair.



Weavesmart took to its journey to the ‘Silk city” recently. True to

its name, from the moment you enter the city to the time you leave it, you kind of live in the vibrance of colours, silk and zari all around you. Every second shop is a Kanchi saree shop and if you are lucky enough to venture into the houses of a few locales, you will find them also selling Kanchi sarees that are woven in-house.

While Kanchipuram is famous for its rich silk sarees, the lesser known fact is that it also produces beautiful cotton sarees, known as kanchi cotton sarees. In fact, it is said that in 20161123_120842Pallava period, weavers were employed by the royal family to weave cotton fabrics for them. Kanchi cotton makes a perfect wear for the humid and grueling hot climate of the South and for the scorching summers of the North. So my appeal to all saree lovers is to give a try to Kanchi cotton, if you have already not.


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Author – Shilpi Singh

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