When I say the words “silk sari”, what do you think of first? Raise your hand if it is Banarasi silks. Especially, when it comes to wedding shopping, most brides like to opt for a Banarasi silk sari for the main function. The intricate gold thread work, the rich jewel tone colours, and the grandeur of the body, all of it makes a woman feel like a princess on her wedding day. Actually, it makes her feel like a bride even if it isn’t her wedding.

Banarasi weaves have designs inspired from the Moghul era. Each handmade piece is unique. Most of the motifs are floral or paisley which adds a certain elegance to the sari and of course to the woman wearing the sari. The compact weaving with the gold thread work adds a metallic visual to the entire outfit.

Banarasi saris come in different weaves and also different types of silks, which means that you get a lot more variety to choose from. There is Katan, Kora (Organza), georgette and Shattir. These are the different types of Banarasi silks classified based upon the purity of the silk. So how do you decide what to buy?

  • Katan is pure silk and generally woven with a motif. Elegant and just what you need for an engagement function.
  • Organza is a lot richer with silver and golden threads woven into the body of the sari to create different designs. This is definitely the type of sari that one should look at for the muhurth or the main wedding ceremony.

  • Georgette is the lightest weave and just what you need for a fun evening of dancing at a sangeet or mehendi function.

So there you go, a simple and easy guide to choose the sari based upon your comfort level and also the type of function that you are attending.

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