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I still remember when I wore my first saree. In our school, it was compulsory to wear a sari for 10th grade graduation ceremony and it had to be a white sari or an off white sari only. Being born in a slightly orthodox family, wearing a white sari is a complete no-no and that too as the first sari was as scandalous as going out with your fiancée before the actual engagement. My mother decided that she would buy me a simple chiffon sari for Diwali, to wear as my first sari and then I could go ahead and wear the white sari for school.

We went sari shopping, and I knew nothing about what to look for in a sari. I just knew that I had seen a popular actress wear a sari that had a colour gradation that went from dark to light. I thought it was the most beautiful sari ever, and we searched high and low for a similar style. Finally, we found it in one tiny store and though it wasn’t the splitting image of what I had expected, it would have to do.

Diwali morning dawned nice and bright, and that was to be the day I wore my first sari. I remember just standing like a doll while my mother draped the sari on me. It seemed to go on and on and I could not fathom where it started and where it ended. I clumsily stumbled out of the room, half walking and half tripping over the sari. My father saw me and said I looked gorgeous. Somehow that statement made me extremely emotional. I just burst into tears, because my mind had already fast forwarded to many years later when I would get married and leave the house. The transition from a girl to a woman is what the memory of my first sari is associated with.

Now, close to 14 years later, my love for saris has grown in leaps and bounds. The elegant 6 yards is what I reach for when it comes to an event or function. From the suave looking Georgette to the crisp Bengal cotton, I am able to appreciate the quality and beauty of each type of sari.

These days, saree shopping has become so convenient with online handloom stores like Weavesmart. No more running around to the local market. It has really been a blessing because there is now so much available at our fingertips. You can sit at home, sip on some green tea and order weaves from around the country.”

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About the writer:  Hi.. My name is Krupa and I am a blogger. krupa-saree-photoMy love affair with the 6 yards started as young as 16 years of age. Okay I am lying. I was forced to wear a sari at the tender age of 16 and nope I didn’t love it. It wasn’t until I started wearing saris every day for work did I realise how much more there is to this garment and that is what sparked my interest to start blogging on Indian ethnic wear. My blog logs my love-hate relationship with my wardrobe with sprinkles of my life strewn along the way. Come, join the journey, won’t you?