Come summer and you will find most Indian women dressed up in silk cotton kota sarees,

Colourful and light weight beautiful Kota Sarees

tops and dresses. Kota fabric is typically a mix of silk and cotton. The colour combinations are all pleasing to the eye with soft and light weight fabric feel, and best suited for Indian summers. In the south, specifically in Telangana and Andhra women loves ‘zari kota’ sarees.

Hardcore handloom fans would know where Kota fabric comes from. However, for those who love Kota weaves but are unaware of its origin, here Weavesmart makes an attempt to bring to you the story behind Kota weaves. While the name itself suggests Kota, you will be surprised to know that originally they were woven in Mysore and were called as ‘Masuria’. However, the weavers brought the technique to a small village Kaithoon near Kota in the late 17th century and these sarees subsequently got the name ‘Kota Masuria’. Today, they are still called Kota Masurai in Rajasthan but outside the State, they are more popular as ‘Kota Doria’ in northern and ‘zari Kota’ in southern India.

Kota Doria is a special hand woven fabric which has square check pattern known as

Can you see the square check pattern or ‘khats’ here? 

‘khats’. Skilled weavers make this fabric using throw shuttle technique on pit looms.


Weavesmart started its jouney in Kota this September. The team visited Kaithoon and interacted with weavers personally. This weaving community has around 4000 weavers, of which more than 40 are master weavers and others are individual weavers. While passing by the streets, you can find looms in almost every household.

In various other clusters where Weavesmart works, we have observed that weaving is predominantly done by men in the family and

Weaver Hasina Bano from Kaithoon

women support in other ancillary works like dying, etc. However, one interesting thing about Kaithoon is that there are many women weavers. Ms. Hasina Bano is one such weaver, who got associated with us. She has three sons all involved in weaving under her lead. Hasina’s specialty is Kota Doria stoles and dupattas. You can find her collection on our website and if you are looking for authentic Kota products, we assure you that you will not be left disappointed shopping with us.

Kaithoon cluster also has several national awardees, and we were fortunate enough to meet a few of them and their families including the likes of weaver Shri Nasiruddin Ansari and Shri Kaji Ishaaq. You will find some of their products on our website too.

Our journey in Kota has just begin, and we look forward to all of you supporting these weavers and help us impact their lives.

Author – Shilpi Singh, Weavesmart

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