Weaver Panidapu Veeraswamy fondly called as Swamy by Weavesmart team is around 52 years old and hails from Mangalgiri.

swami1He has been weaving Mangalgiri sarees from last 30 years and is known for the quality of his work and materials. His father was also a weaver, who passed on the art of weaving to him.

Mangalgiri sarees are made in pure cotton, and known for checks and striped patterns with fine zari border.

Weaver Swamy’s products are approved under India Handloom Brand promoted by the Government of India. He was earlier selling the traditional way i.e. through local shops and dealers.

Weavesmart was his first online exposure.  He was registered with Weavesmart in July 2015 and has been one of the top sellers on Weavesmart. According to Swami, his margins have also improved compared to traditional channels. He is happy that Weavesmart has provided him an alternate channel for selling.

About Weavesmart

Weavesmart is an online handloom store founded in 2015. The company displays and sells products of weavers from different parts of the country to customers. Currently, Weavesmart sources products directly from various weaver hubs located in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Weavesmart is the first e-commerce store authorized by the Government of India to directly deal with the weavers.

To know more about us, visit http://www.weavesmart.com