Meet weaver Jamaluddin Ansari


If you go around in Cholapur area, you will find many weaver families who have been weaving from several generations. Here we bring to you a peek into the life of one such weaver family who is registered with Weavesmart.

Weaver Jamaluddin Ansari is around 42 years old and has been a weaver for almost 23 years now. This profession runs through the generations in his family. He has four sons and two daughters.

Weaver Jamal prefers to work with silk yarn and likes to do flower or animal motifs – lotus, cow, elephant, horse, etc.

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He has been mostly selling his products through Central Cottage Industries, local dealers and shops. He says that Weavesmart is his first online selling exposure. He finds it very convenient to sell as with just one click his products are uploaded on the website and displayed to the world. He says that Weavesmart has surprised him because he never imagined that people can buy sarees just by looking at the pictures.

Meet weaver Rahat Ali


Such a young weaver! That’s what we thought when we first met weaver Rahat Ali. He is just 25 years old and have been weaving sarees from last five to six years. He has inherited his weaving talent from his father. Both Rahat and his father work together and create banarasi master pieces from their loom. They mostly work with silk yarn and their preferred motifs are flowers and animal figures.

Typically, the family makes 1 to 2 sarees and 3 to 4 dupattas in a month.

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The father and son duo mostly sell their products via Central Cottage Industries, through local dealers and shops. is their first exposure to selling online.

In Rahat has been excited and happy to be associated with Weavesmart as with little efforts he has been able to display his products to many customers. He says that within one week of registering with Weavesmart he has been able to sell his sarees and dupattas sitting at his house.

About Weavesmart

Weavesmart is an online handloom store founded in 2015. The company displays and sells products of weavers from different parts of the country to retail customers. Currently, Weavesmart sources products directly from various weaver hubs located in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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